Tyler Brett's unclassifiable solo home-recording projects merging a variety of genres and influences including high school band medleys, soft country, heavy metal, easy listening & synth-pop. Edward Vanhalen finger puppet by Kerri Reid.

Farewell to the dept. was originally self released by Tyler Brett in 2002 in a limited edition of 10 copies (CDr format on consignment at Zulu Records Vancouver) as, The Department, Be your friend?  Home recorded in a storage room with 4 1/2 foot high ceilings on a Macintosh 8600 using Sound Edit with synth and drum tracks sequenced on the Roland W30. Vocals were captured with either the Realistic omni 33-984c (1980's Radio Shack model), Roland CP-40M mini condenser, or a Sure SM 58. Electric guitar was a Fernandez copy of a mid 80's Charvel Jackson with Fender-Lace sensor dual pick ups. Guitar effects were created with Sound Edit plug ins and/or with a malfunctioning Tom Scholz Rockman x100. 

In between shifts selling hotdogs at Stanly Park and popcorn at the Ridge Theatre in Vancouver, additional production and live instrument tracks were recorded in Vancouver by Chad Fryling and Tyler Brett in  Chad's bedroom on a Mac G3 using a combination of Peak, Reason, and Sound Edit.  Rhythm Ace was originally recorded on a tape recorder with drum beats selected live on grandpa Enos's 1960's Ace Tone Rhythm Ace drum machine while playing the Lowrey "Festival" FL vacuum-tube organ. 

Instruments, vocals and music 2001-2002 by Tyler Brett. Remastered, mixed and produced in 2002 with Chad Fryling.

Rhythm Ace, Farewell To The Department